Make way for the Holidays

Lots of us just love the holiday season, but sometimes preparing for the holidays can be super stressful. So we put together a few tips to help prepare you for the Season!


Begin with a list of all your expected holiday expenses. This includes gifts, traveling expenses, cards, holiday meals (if you are cooking or bringing a dish), wrapping paper, decorations and charitable donations.

Many people wonder how money becomes so tight around this time of year, but they forget about all these incidentals. So putting together a list will give you an idea of the things you will need to pay for.


Have a spending limit. Determine how much money you will put aside for your holiday expenses. Only use money you have set aside, using credit on holiday gifts is never a good idea. You may want to start saving money earlier in the year to cut some of the headache of putting money to the side for holiday purchases.


Now that you know your budget, make a list of items you are going to purchase that fit within your budget. Stick to your list! That way you can avoid over spending. Take advantage of sales especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That could also cut some of your expected holiday costs. Keep track of all your purchases so you know what is spent and what you have remaining.

We hope these tips are helpful and at Tiaiba we want to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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